to Bare the Rose || a visual memoir
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to Bare the Rose || a visual memoir

to Bare the Rose ||| a visual memoir is a solo self-exploration of intimacy and trauma under love. This memoir recounts, redefines, and relearns truths of Black Queer Femme Love, and the ways violence retaliates against it. It is an interdisciplinary work encompassing movement, film, voice-overs, installation, and poetry to share the encounters of a lover who fails to love the self and others at the same time. This competition between self-love and self-lost manifests a need for truth seeking and vulnerability through memory. to Bare the Rose is itself a healing journey through acts of self-research, creating, and baring.

Videos by Monique Muse Dodd

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to Mar 31


March 27 @ 9pm, March 28 & 31 @ 7pm

A multimedia song cycle written for a unique ensemble (including voice, actor, woodwinds, brass, percussion, synthesizer and electronics) by Tariq Al- Sabir that communicates real-time with film, focusing on the present trauma and cynical frustrations that plague social media oriented Black Millennials.

With Video Projections by Monique Muse Dodd

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